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  • Wooden TV Stands
    Wooden TV Stands for lcd Televisions - Simple yet stylish, unclutter your TV cabinet by purchasing one of Oak and Walnut LCD, Plasma or LED TV stands that have drawers for storage and corner unit options.
  • Black TV Stands
    Gloss Black TV Stands, Black Gloss television units and cabinets with drawers FREE UK Delivery in an array of modern styles, storage, shapes and sizes to suit your living room.
  • White TV Stands
    Gloss White TV Stands, White Gloss television units and cabinets with drawers FREE UK Delivery in an array of modern styles.
  • Glass TV Stands
    Glass tv stands for flat screens and more with doors, mounts and brackets - Best Smoked Black Glass TV Cabinet prices online with FREE UK Delivery - Corner, staight or oval console designs to fit any television size
  • Corner TV Stands
    Corner TV Stands for lcd Televisions - Simple and stylish, unclutter your TV cabinets by purchasing one of our Angled Oak and Walnut LCD, Plasma or LED TV Units with drawers for storage.
  • Cantilever TV Stands
    Cantilever TV Stands for lcd Televisions - Simple yet stylish, unclutter your TV cabinet by purchasing one of the new cantilever LCD, Plasma or LED TV stands that have clear glass shelves with swivel and corner unit options
  • Contemporary TV Furniture
    Contemporary TV Furniture Free Delivery Our extensive selection of wooden home furniture has all you need to furnish your home in pine or oak. Modern furnishings also available.
  • NEW UK-CF TV Cabinet Range
    NEW UK-CF TV Cabinet Range - TV Wall Brackets strong, sturdy television mounting wall stands and brackets are our specialty. FREE Delivery for UK mainland
  • Beam thru high gloss tv Stand
    Our collection of remote-friendly beamthru TV cabinets and gloss TV stands are available in an array of styles, shapes and sizes to suit your room at affordable, cost-effective prices.
  • Wall Mounted Brackets
    Wall Mounted TV Brackets Free Delivery Our extensive selection of wooden home furniture has all you need to furnish your home in pine or oak. Modern furnishings also available.
  • Summer Sale
    Furniture and tevlevision units for sale at standlan with free delivery

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TV Stands, Modern Television Cabinets, TV Units with Storage Furniture

You’ve spent hours researching what you want from your new TV with the size, frame and features all taking careful consideration, but just how long have you taken to think about the stand it will take pride of place on in your living area?

As one of the most focal points of any room, your TV deserves to be placed upon a stand in which you can take pride. Standland are here to help you make the best decision possible. Our useful buying guide offers a helping hand and insight into what you should/need to consider when purchasing a new TV Stand.

From materials to functionality we run through everything you will ever need to consider, making your shopping experience a more informed and hopefully tranquil process, saving you precious time which could be spent enjoying a movie or your favourite TV show.

TV Unit Considerations

So you’re in the market for a new stand, but where do you start your search? Relax, Standland are here to help! Before you spend hour after hour, aimlessly browsing through thousands of stands - take time to consider the following:

-          Size of the TV

One (if not the most important) factors you need to consider is the size of your TV. Size really does matter when it comes to buying a TV stand. Standland provide TV stands for large than life screens, all the way down to smaller discrete screens. Weight of the TV

It’s likely that the weight of your TV is the last thing you would consider when looking for a new stand. But just how important is it? If you’re positioning a large screen on a small stand it could be very important! We recommended that you check the max weight to ensure that the stand is strong enough to support the weight before buying.

-          Height required

TV stands vary in height! Depending on the size of your screen, you should take time to consider the height. It may be that you want a lower sitting stand due to the height of your sofa or the contrary.

-          Width required

The width of your TV stand depends on surroundings, and the size of your screen. Have you considered the screen overhanging the edge of your stand? Generally the stand should be at least as wide as the TV, if not a little wider. It just seems to look better, but this is a rule of thumb. If you’re buying for a smaller space like a bedroom or spare room many people find that a smaller stand is better as it uses less floor space. 


-          Number of shelves for other devices

Have you considered the amount of shelving and (or) storage space that is needed to neatly organise your digital viewing box, DVD player and game console? Not to mention the never-ending collection of accessories that come with these devices.

-          Where the TV will be positioned?

Deciding where to position your TV and TV stand needs careful consideration. We recommend positioning your stand within arm’s reach of a power supply and aerial socket to avoid showing too much cable. Take advantage of the space available with a stylish corner piece or opt for a more traditional TV cabinet up against a flat wall.

TV Stand Trends

Have you ever looked at a TV stand and thought to yourself - that looks trendy? Well you’re about to! Take some time to consider what trend would best suit your decor and furniture. With our extensive range of stands you’re sure to find something to suit:

-          Modern Stands

If your décor is contemporary and you are looking for a TV stand with a modern look, there are a lot of styles which will look great in your home. From glass-shelved stands which can be quite discreet and low key placing the emphasis on the TV, to oval stands and corner stands, to show stopping fabulous designer units, usually quite minimal and sleek, and often with high end features. Now these kinds of stands and cabinets are available without taking out a second mortgage too. If you’re moving house or revamping your interior, you may want to consider getting a TV stand with matching furniture, some amazing looks can be created.

-          Traditional Cabinets

If you’re looking for a feature piece to take pride of place in an interior with a more classic feel, you might consider a more traditional cabinet style unit. Usually made from real wood, this could be the focal point of your living / dining room that you’ve long desired.



TV CABINET Materials

Deciding which material to place your TV upon depends on the interior of your living area. If your decor reflects a more modern environment you may want to consider glass or metal. Want something a bit more traditional? Have a look at our wooden TV stands.

-          Glass

Can you imagine a glass TV stand positioned in your living area? With a choice of clear and black glass there is something for everyone. To avoid the risk of damage, never place hot or cold items on the glass surface.

-          Wooden

Usually associated with traditional decor, wooden stands are still very popular. With different finishes available it’s possible to match your stand with current furniture.

-          Others

Are you still undecided on which material would best suit your interior? Worry not, as we also supply stands using a combination of materials. Stands made from glass, wood and metal offer an equally stylish alternative.


Television Furniture Functionality / Features

You may think of your stand as a simple piece of furniture in which you place your TV on top – this is not necessarily true with TV stands having so much more to offer. Have you thought about the functionality and features that you could benefit from?

-          Cantilever TV Stands

Cantilever TV stands allow you to mount the TV (using brackets) to an upright column. You may be asking yourself - why don’t I mount the TV directly onto the wall? Well, by using a cantilever stand you can adjust the height of the screen depending on the viewer’s personal preference.

-          Corner based TV Stands

Short on living space? Make the most of what you’ve got by converting the corner of your room into the life and soul. Corner stands are ideal for smaller living rooms, bedrooms and conservatories.

-          Beam thru Glass

Does underneath your TV look a mess? Why not store all of your consoles, cables and accessories behind beam thru glass? The ability to still use your remote control whilst the box is hidden is the tidy householder’s dream!


-          Storage Drawers

Whether its DVD’s, console accessories or spare remote controls – storage space keeps everything out of site and looking tidy. Have you thought about how much storage space is needed from your stand?

-          Cable Management

If like most of us, you’re aerial and power supply cables are cluttered behind your TV - why not considered a cable management TV stand? Cable management makes behind your TV, what is usually a tangled mess, tidy and presentable.


TV Stand Assembly

In most instances, the assembly of your TV stand will require a small amount of input. Don’t worry, we provide detailed step by step assembly instructions making this process as easy as possible:

-          Assembly Instructions

Detailed assembly instructions are supplied inside the packaging of each order. We always recommend assembling the stand on a clean, flat surface close to the area it will be positioned. Don’t let this put you off - your stand will be built in next to no time.

-          Assembly Tools

You may need to use simple tools to assemble your TV stand - these will be supplied within the packaging. Occasionally other basic tools such as a screwdriver will be needed, it’s advised to have these tools to hand when assembling your stand.


Cleaning Television Units

Your new TV stand will take pride of place wherever positioned therefore it’s important to keep it clean. In most cases wiping with soft, dry cloths will be sufficient but for stubborn stains you may need to use cleaning substances;

-          Substances to Avoid

Depending on the surface material, there may be certain substances you will need to avoid when cleaning your TV stands. These substances will be listed within the packaging. If you can’t find these details, contact a member of the Standland support team for assistance.



During the buying process, remember to consider the length of the warranty. Standland provide selected ranges (UK-CF and a few other top quality brands) which offer 3 year warranties.

-          Returns Policy

If you want to return your item for one reason or another, Standland offer a hassle free returns policy. Click here to find out more.


Standland are committed to offering the best service possible. We hope you find our buyers guide to be of some use. If this guide has helped you during the decision making process and you have purchased a product from our site, we would be grateful if you could leave a review.

If we have missed any information you deem to be relevant for inclusion in our buyers guide, please contact us - all recommendations welcome.

So that you choose the correct TV bracket for your TV have a look through our guide to selecting your TV bracket.

In order to select the correct bracket for your needs, you must decide on the style of TV bracket that you need, and then find one that fits your TV. The different styles of brackets are explained below the guide to checking the TV and TV bracket are compatible.

The TV sizes that we suggest for the different brackets are only guides. This is because not all 32” TVs have the fixing holes in the same place, so it is not possible to guarantee that a particular TV and bracket go together based on the size of the TV.

It is quite easy to find out which brackets will fit your TV by following the simple steps shown below.

Step One

Find the holes on the back of your TV where the screws will be secured, allowing you to fix the bracket to the TV.

Step Two

Measure how far apart the holes are. You should measure from the centre of one hole to the centre of the next (see the image for an example of how to measure the hole spacing).

Step Three

Compare the distance between the holes with the information given for the bracket that you are looking for. We have two basic types of TV bracket, those with VESA hole spacings, and those with ‘universal’ hole spacings.

VESA screen fixings – these are set out in guidelines, and so are always in certain positions. The distance between the holes must match those shown for the bracket in order for the bracket and TV to be compatible. Although these brackets will not fit all TVs, they are easy to attach to the TV as the holes match the bracket straight away.

Universal screen hole fixings – the measurements given are the maximum distance that there can be between the holes in order that the bracket can hold them. As long as the holes are not further apart than the dimensions given the bracket can be adjusted to fit the TV.

Step Four

Check that the TV does not exceed the maximum safe weight for the TV bracket. If it does you need to look for another bracket that can hold the weight of your TV.

TV brackets can be broadly fitted into 3 categories, Flat to the Wall, Flat and Tilted and Full Motion.

Flat to the Wall – These are quite simple brackets that usually have a piece that attaches to the wall, and another part that attaches to the TV. These are then hooked of fixed together to mount the TV on the wall.

These brackets allow the TV to be very close to the wall – we have some Super-flat to the wall brackets that are great for LED TVs as they are less than 2cm deep! The TV will be parallel to the wall, so they are best used if the TV is going to be mounted at about the height it will be viewed from.

Flat and Tilted – The difference between these and the flat to the wall brackets is that they tend to hold the TV a little further from the wall, but do allow the TV to be tilted up or down. The advantage of this is if you are mounting the TV higher than you will be when viewing it (ie over a fire place and you will be sat on a sofa). The tilt allows you to tip the TV forward a little so that when you look at the TV you are looking directly at the screen, and not up at an angle, which can affect the picture quality.

Full Motion – This type of bracket allows you to move the position of the TV both tilting up and down and swivelling from side to side. If the bracket has arms this increases the ways that you can position the TV. These are ideal if you want to put the TV in a bedroom or smaller room as you will be able to pull out the TV to watch it, and move it back against the wall to keep it tidy when it is not in use.

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