Opening the room up with Bifold doors

bifold patio doors half open interior viewWith the housing market the way it is, many of us who are thinking of moving, may either decide to stay put, or to do some work on the house to make it more attractive to buyers.

If we are going to stay, then often a change in the house itself can sometime give it a new lease of life – and make your “enforced” habitation much more enjoyable.

For those lucky enough to have some garden space outside, an excellent idea is to fit a set of patio doors to the rear of the home – they really are something that can make a huge difference to a room, with the vast amount of natural light that you get along with a great view.

A set of patio doors will also make your room feel larger because you no longer have 4 solid walls to look at.  Its much like when you add a large mirror to a wall, it gives the impression of extra space, even though there is none.

Patio doors could also make your home more attractive to a potential buyer.

What types of patio doors are there?

You are probably going to need to make a choice between sliding or swing doors for your patio (swing doors open like a regular door)

  • sliding patio doors – your choices here are inline or bifold.

Inline patio doors move on a set of tracks from side to side and stay within the confines of the outer frame. Bifolding doors ( use an accordion or concertina method to slide to the side and stack outside the main frame.

The advantage that bi-folds have over inline sliding doors is that they leave a much bigger open space when fully opened.

  • Swing patio doors – your choice here are Tilt or French

French patio doors come in pairs, so you can only go so wide before you need a side panel (or 2) or even a second set of doors

Tilting doors, IMHO are bulky and awkward beasts and should be avoided a tall costs.

Whichever way you eventually decide to go, a set of patio doors will definitely improve your living experience and make your home more attractive.

Bifold Doors in UPVC For Your Patio