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Wooden TV Stands

Wooden TV Stands

Our solid wooden TV stands and Oak TV Units available in a wide range of oak television units, from traditional pine and oak to modern dark black ash, including our most popular oak AV stand. Many of our solid oak AV TV Units and TV cabinets come with shelving and drawers to allow extra space for AV equipment and satellite boxes, DVD or Blu-ray players and with free UK delivery, you won't have long to wait before you can watch your favourite TV shows and films.

Every homeowner wants to have a TV stand that does justice to all types of televisions. Whatever the TV you have at home, there has been an important change in style as well as shape in these furniture for years now.

You are very lucky because choosing the best option will happen in no time. You will never have a trouble to find a good match for your entertainment technology. From aesthetic appeal to a durable support, your choice may have them all.

However, it is not going to be as easy as like that. Sometimes, it would be hard to shop. The thousands of brands over the market make shopping less convenient and more stressful. Before making a buying decision, you have to be guided enough.

Below are some of the things you have to look for during shopping:

What is the perfect size?

The very important thing to bear in mind is the exact measurement of your television. Measure it ahead of time. You have to do it diagonally to know the size of the wooden TV stand. When choosing one, make sure that it is as wide as your TV.

But you can likewise opt for a much wider option. There are also short, standard or tall stands. This means that choosing the one, which aligns with your height of seating will no longer be a problem. Plus, you can choose the viewing angle you prefer.

What is it made of?

These days, one of the topnotch materials that have been chosen by many is wood or metal. Whether you want to add a rustic style or traditional appeal to your residential property, a wooden corner TV unit would be of great use. While the latter work effectively in modern houses.

When it comes to TV stands that are made of wood, most service providers use cherry, mahogany, oak, maple, and another durable kind of wood. In metal one, it often has a chrome finish, enhancing their aesthetic appearance.

Various types

Without a doubt, many homeowners give those popular types of TV stands an attention. These are entertainment centers, TV hutches, and corner TV stands. Entertainment centers offer lots of storage for different items such as DVD players, cable boxes, and many more.

Usually, they have a design that allows you to connect cords from an array of devices. TV hutches are unique and have an enclosed space. In Corner TV stands, they are specially designed with a triangular edge, fitting to the corner of a room.

Creative styles

Selecting a wood corner TV stand is not about the types, materials or sizes, the style of your home must be considered. Opt a wooden TV unit that fits into the appearance and atmosphere of your property. For a classic appeal, give a traditional stand a try. For a modern feel, why don’t you take a modern one into consideration?

Additional features

Some choices have added features such as shelves or glass doors. Since there are lots of devices that should be near the TV, the one with such features is an incredible option you could ever have. With enough time and effort, you can find the most excellent furniture for your property.

Standland: A Provider of the Highest Quality of Wooden TV Units

All of those things are available here at Standland. With our years of experience and service in this industry, we are proud to say that we only have the best products compared to our competition. This has been the main reason why we stand apart from other service providers out there.

Aside from that, we are reputed for having a team of adept, amicable, and talented craftsmen. Because of them, our goal to provide customized services have been possible.

Below are some of the benefits you can expect with us:

  • A rich selection

modern oak tv unit

Over the years, we have expanded our services. From wooden TV cabinet, we have now lots of options. As a matter of fact, we have modern oak tv unit, white wood TV unit, dark wood TV unit, grey wood TV unit, black wood TV unit, and much more. This is why we are a one-stop service provider that you can count on from the start to finish.

  • Unique appeal

A worth it investment in this furniture is the one that has an attractive appeal. Here at Standland, we have stands that are available with aesthetic and eye-catching looks. We never stop making new designs to provide 100% satisfaction among our clients. We ensure an extensive research to make this viable.


  • Durable feature

The wood we use in every unit comes with a sturdy feature. We can help you avoid replacement or repair expenses within the lifetime of your option. You can use it over the years without changes. It will look the same, lasting within a long span of time. Switch to our furniture and experience a huge difference along the way.


  • Reasonable prices

Since day one until now, our services are available at a fair cost that anyone can afford. We do not focus on high sales or ROI, we aim to see all our clients happy and fulfilled. We want to give everyone the opportunity to acquire huge savings and have a meaningful investment.

We believe that a TV stand should not be expensive. It must be affordable with the highest quality of materials. When most companies you see on the internet have a costly selection of TV unit, we are much ready and committed to help!

  • Fast shipping

Apart from effective, long-lasting, and quality option, fast delivery has been associated with our name. Right after you make a purchase, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible. There is no need to wait, your unit will be shipped in time for your convenience.

So, what are you waiting for? Take action today and see how our wooden TV units stand out from the competition. For more information, give us a call at 0800 876 0969. You can also reach us at our email. We have a team of professional customer representatives that are passionate to serve. Be one of our satisfied customers now!


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