Double Glazed Windows Design Choices

When it comes to fitting replacement double glazed windows, with all the different designs in the market, which one is best for you?

Replacing your windows is quite costly even though the market remains very competitive. In most cases folks will be looking to spend a few thousand pounds to do the whole house with replacement double glazed windows and doors. So it’s a good idea to know the main features of the different designs so that you can make a better informed choice before spending any of your hard earned savings (or borrowing money).

Popular Double Glazed Window Types

There are really two main styles that dominate the market, with several others that are very attractive, but don’t hold such a big share of sales. The two most popular styles will be Casement Windows and Sash Windows.

There is one major difference between the two that allows them to be easily told apart:

  • Casement windows swing outwards horizontally to open & close.
  • Sash windows slide vertically to open & close.

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Typically, a casement window will open outwards, swinging on hinges mounted to the side of the frames. Modern double glazed casement windows have a wide angle of opening, almost up to 90 degrees.

A sash window slides up & down on tracks that are built into the side frames. The window is effectively made in a to section and a bottom section, with each taking up about 50% of the overall window area. Because one half will slide past the other half, it means that only half the window will ever be open. Both halves can slide if preferred.

French Windows are a “posh” version of the casement design with 2 side by side opening sections – usually outward opening.

Bifold windows, slide to the side, but unlike Sashes they will move completely out of the way and stack at the side of the frame.

Tilt & turn windows are also versions of the casement design but open inwards. One function allows the window to “lean” inwards for ventilation.

4 Types of double glazed windows



Which Type of Double Glazed Windows Should I Choose?