Splash Your Cash on uPVC Sash Windows

In days gone by if you wanted to replace the windows in your home or conservatory, you would only have one available option, timber windows.

Your existing window & conservatory frames may have already been made of timber and have started to rot or no longer have the capacity to fight against draughts from the outdoors. This will have inevitably led to a cold or damp affected house or conservatory.

However, like most things, times have changed and there is now a wide range of window designs available and one of the most popular is the UPVC sash window frame.

uPVC sash windows

4 types of upvc sash window stylesdiffer from many other types of windows as they slide open and offer you the opportunity to let a tremendous amount of air into the room in which they are installed when the temperature gets to warm indoors.

They also offer added character to your home or conservatory, especially useful if you have a period home and are worried about your new replacements not providing the stylishness that their predecessors had.

  • They, like most other uPVC double glazing, will put paid to any rattling or draughts you may have experienced with your old windows.
  • They are built to last, with a life span sure to be as long as 15 years or more when fitted in the property properly.
  • The colour of your sash windows can also be decided by you as there are so many different finishes other than the traditional white now available.

Grey, black or brown are just some of the finishes that can be added to your windows to help them blend in with the rest of your home.

They come fitted with the very best in locking attached, a system that is virtually unbreakable and which will protect your home now and into the future.

Sash windows and uPVC conservatories once installed are products that you will come to love and wonder how you coped without them in the first place. See more here: Conservatories UK.

Sash Windows for Home and New UPVC Conservatory