UPVC Patio Doors: The Advantages of Fitting Them

If you want to do something special in terms of home improvements that won’t break the bank, make your home nicer to live in and open up a room, then UPVC Patio doors are the answer.

With a new set of UPVC Patio Doors fitted to your rear living room, it will become much lighter and appear to be bigger due to the extra glass area and natural light.

It’s an optical illusion that’s very difficult to ignore and definitely makes everybody feel better just by having so much natural light coming in. Not to mention, that if your room needed the lights on during the day, you will also save money on your electric bill by leaving the lights off more often.

Why UPVC Doors?

There are a number of very good reasons to use UPVC for your patio new patio door.

  1. UPVC is energy efficient
  2. it’s a light weight material
  3. Hardly any maintenance will be needed
  4. You don’t have to paint them
  5. Hundreds of suppliers over the UK
  6. Very competitive prices
  7. Lots of different designs
  8. UPVC doesn’t expand or contract like wood – so they always fit well.
  9. Toughened glass for safety
  10. Anti-lift tracks for security

Patio Door designs

With UPVC available not only in white but also about another dozen colours, you can easily match or contrast your home. You can also get uPVC with a wood grain finish, so that they look like they are timber frames.

Different styles, such as French Doors, Bifold, in-line sliding, tilt & turn, tilt & slide mean you are spoilt for choice when it comes to how your patio door looks, functions and fits in with your home.

French Patio doors are classic, but suit medium sized openings.

Bifold UPVC patio doors can be made to cover the whole width of your property – effectively giving you a sliding glass wall for some epic panoramic views of the outside.

Bifold upvc patio doors

The Advantages of Fitting UPVC Patio Doors